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Battallion de Pinson

~sous vos ailes~

This Journal contains:

- Dolly talk, Dolly rants and plans
- Talk of random weird popular culture-ish stuffs (liek Star Wars and X-men)
- Sales pitches
- Random 'art' by moi
- Some personal entries, under friend cuts (and usually in finnish...), but don't be alarmed, I rarely rant XD

The person behind the dolls is a nerdy, little round on the mid-section and likes her chocolate-cake. Any talk about Nintendo will get her fired up in deep awe-inspiring conversations about the greatness of Miyamoto-sensei. Also she enjoys the works of Alphonse Mucha and Stewart-Kenneth Moore, as well as listening to various forms of heavy metal. Please be kind.

The Batallion:

Yasuami/Mini Fée Ruth
Haru/Migidoll Miho, Glorydoll body
Zhedi/ CP JuriB-07 -head, Bobobie body
Katka / CH Vintage Ai Odree